Muslim Aikyata Vedike begins awareness campaign on COVID

 Muslim Aikyata Vedike begins awareness campaign on COVID
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Mangaluru, July 26: Taking an initiative in the fight against COVID, the Muslim Aikyata Vedike-Kudroli has started a public awareness campaign.
The volunteers of the Vedike would visit every house from Kandatpalli to Bokkapatna in Mangaluru and speak to the family members about the methods COVID spreads and the methods to prevent it. The pamphlet that comprises of all the details of the COVID is handed over to the family members.
The pamphlet not only has the preventive measures but also a helpline number that people can contact and also details about the immunity-boosting food.
It has a small detail about the ‘Kashaya,’ and the home remedies that would help in fighting COVID and boost immunity.
The campaign was launched by Vedike president K E Ashraf. 
Vice president B Aboobakkar, Yasin, Secretary Abdul Azeez, Treasurer Makbool Ahmed, and other office bearers were present.

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